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3 Critical Questions to Ask a Tree Removal Company

3 Critical Questions to Ask a Tree Removal Company

When you decide to hire a company to remove a tree from your property, you need to make sure you are choosing a company that is both reputable and has the proper insurance--otherwise, it can spell disaster for you if something goes wrong on your residential or commercial property.

Learn about three critical questions you should ask a tree removal company in northern Virginia areas such as Manassas, Haymarket, Bristow, and neighboring cities.

1. Do you have the proper insurance and can you provide a certificate?

Ensuring that the tree company you hire has proper insurance in hand is paramount. Do not just ask and take them at their word, either. Make sure they can show you a valid certificate of insurance. As a property owner, you need to protect yourself. Hiring a tree removal company without insurance can be disastrous for you if any of the workers happen to sustain an injury while on your property.

They can sue you for compensation, and your insurance policy can refuse to cover you in this case. So while an uninsured company may provide you with a lower price tag, know that the lower price tag might come with more severe complications and costs down the road.

2. Do you use subcontractors or do the work yourself?

Tree stump being ground down near Haymarket, VA.

Many landscape companies subcontract out certain portions of jobs, including tree removal. When you contact a company to remove a tree from your property, you have chosen them for a reason, whether it be their online...

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