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Why Do Clovers Grow in Your Yard?

Why Do Clovers Grow in Your Yard?

Whenever weeds begin to take over a yard, it can be frustrating for the property owner to try and figure out what happened. Usually, there are certain causes that lawn care professionals can pinpoint. Certain weeds such as clover may grow because of other underlying reasons.

Here at Patriot Lawn and Landscape, we help you combat clover and other weeds through our lawn care and health services in areas such as Haymarket, Bristow, Manassas, and nearby areas. Learn more about clover and the reasons it may be in your yard.

Clover may be cheap to grow but has several disadvantages.

Some property owners love the idea of clover lawns. Clover is cheap to grow, resistant to droughts, and doesn't require fertilizer applications to thrive. However, other property owners try to avoid it because of disadvantages such as:

  • It stains more easily than other kinds of grass do
  • It's a short-lived perennial that requires reseeding every couple of years
  • On its own, it isn't durable enough for areas that experience heavy traffic

Rather than a functional and aesthetically-pleasing groundcover, most people view clover as an annoying weed that invades their lawn.

Your soil requires aeration and seeding services.

Clover thrives off of nitrogen. It takes in this essential nutrient from the air rather than from the soil. Because clover doesn't need nitrogen from the soil it's growing in, it tends to grow in lawns that don't have a lot of...

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