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4 Ways to Protect Your Plants from Frostbite

4 Ways to Protect Your Plants from Frostbite

Before you step outside in winter, you make sure you are bundled up and prepared for the cold—but what about your plants? Frost can harm plants and potentially kill them off, depending on how cold it gets.

Make sure your plants in Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and nearby areas are protected from the cold with our tips to protect plants from frostbite.

Why Frost Is Bad for Your Plants

Your plant is a living, breathing thing and when it gets too cold, internal processes such as fluid movement and photosynthesis are impeded. Ice crystals form within the cellular level and stop water flow to the rest of the plant. When a plant is damaged by frost, its leaves will turn black or dark brown after they shrivel.

Each type of plant experiences this at different temperatures. When you live in an area with a cold winter, it's important to try and plant "hardy" plants that are more resistant to freezing. "Tender" plants, such as citrus, tropical plants, bougainvillea, and more, will be injured or killed by frost unless they are dug up and brought inside to a warmer environment.

Once temperatures drop below freezing, make sure your plants are protected for the cold weather.

1. Make Sure Your Soil Is Well-Prepared

Your plant's health starts with the soil it's growing from and if the soil isn't prepared well for the upcoming cold, the plants will suffer. Your soil needs to be loose, fertile, and...

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