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What's the difference between landscaping, hardscaping, and softscaping?

What's the difference between landscaping, hardscaping, and softscaping?

When you are deciding on what elements to add to your yard in northern Virginia, there are many options to choose from when it comes to landscaping. When you meet with a landscape company, you may start to hear the terms hardscaping and softscaping as well. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are actually different things.

Learn the difference between landscaping, hardscaping, and softscaping so you will know what your landscape experts are talking about when you meet with them to plan your outdoor living space in Haymarket, Bristow, Manassas, and surrounding cities in northern Virginia.

Your grass, shrubs, trees, and any organic materials make up your softscaping.

Softscaping is a term used in the landscape industry that makes up all of the organic materials on your property. In other words, if you hear someone use the word "softscape," they are talking about your lawn, plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, mulch, and other items in your planting beds. Custom softscapes are always designed to complement the rest of your property and are often used to accentuate your hardscaping features.

Anything in your yard that needed to be built or that is inorganic is part of your hardscaping.

Custom paver patio and seating wall built at a Haymarket, VA home.

Essentially, hardscaping means that you are adding in elements that need to be built or that are made up of inorganic materials. These items usually have a long lifespan and need to be installed by professional contractors....

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