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Front of a house in Bristow, VA, with a bordered landscape and plants.

Yard Cleanups in the Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, & Gainesville, VA Areas

We provide seasonal yard cleanups that include landscape bed edging, plant trimming, weed control, and more.

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Spring and fall yard cleanups for northern Virginia properties in Bristow, Haymarket, and nearby cities.

Your lawn and landscaping will look pristine after our cleanup services.

During the year, it's natural for debris such as sticks and leaves to accumulate on your lawn and landscape beds. However, that debris should not be left there to sit. Our teams offer comprehensive spring and fall yard cleanups to help remove that debris along with other tasks, leaving your yard to look pristine.

We offer yard cleanup services throughout northern Virginia areas such as Bristow, Manassas, Haymarket, and the nearby cities.

What's Included in Our Yard Cleanups

Landscape bed in front of a home with well-maintained plants and new mulch.

Our spring and fall yard cleanups are very thorough, as we want our clients' lawns and landscaping to look well-maintained throughout the year. All of these services are included in every single yard cleanup we perform.

  • Hand pull and spray weeds as needed
  • Edge existing landscape bed border
  • Lightly trim and shape shrubs as needed
  • Cut back perennials as needed
  • Remove leaves and other debris from landscaping
  • Apply granular pre-emergent weed control
  • Install double-shredded hardwood mulch
  • Mow the grass, along with edging, string-trimming, and blowing grass clipping

We also offer one-time cleanups for foreclosed or distressed properties.

Why Your Yard Benefits from Our Seasonal Cleanup Services

Without a yard cleanup, your landscape beds and lawn will look unkempt. It is also vital to clear debris from the lawn and landscaping. If it's left to rest there, it will block the underlying area from absorbing key nutrients such as light, water, and air, which can weaken the plants and grass.

We also work to maintain your landscaping by redefining the edges of the beds to give them a clean look and then trim your plants on an as-needed basis. Trimming plants allows us to shape them and also inspect for any signs of plant disease or insect infestations, while mulch installation keeps the plants and soil protected. Weed control treatments help your grass and landscape fight off weeds so they won't take over.

We Also Remove Leaves in the Spring & Fall

Landscape workers removing leaves during a yard cleanup in Manassas, VA.

Leaf removal is also important, as thick layers of leaves can end up molding or providing a haven for pests. We remove the leaves by blowing them off of the lawn and out of the landscape beds. Our teams then blow them over to the curb where our vacuum truck will suck them up so we can haul them away for you with a completely worry-free process.

Do you need spring and fall yard cleanups at your residential or commercial property? Then give us a call!

For decades, Patriot Lawn and Landscape has been the go-to company for landscape and lawn maintenance, including spring and fall yard cleanups. We provide comprehensive seasonal cleanups to ensure your lawn and landscape will be as healthy as possible. If you think your residential or commercial property needs yard cleanup services, then give us a call today at (703) 244-7798 to be added to our schedule!