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Front landscape in Bristow, VA, with a stone retaining wall and plants.

Retaining & Seating Walls in the Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, & Gainesville, VA Areas

Retaining walls help prevent soil erosion or create raised planter beds while seating walls provide extra seating around a fire pit or patio.

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We install retaining walls and seating walls in Bristow, Manassas, Haymarket, and other northern Virginia cities.

We use pavers, wall blocks, and other materials to build retaining and seating walls.

Whether you need a retaining wall on your property for functional or decorative reasons or a seating wall, our contractors are ready to help. We design and install retaining and seating walls using quality materials such as pavers and wall blocks.

Retaining and seating wall installation is available to residential and commercial properties in northern Virginia areas such as Bristow, Manassas, Haymarket, and more.

Benefits of Installing Retaining & Seating Walls

Custom stone seating wall installation at a home in Bristow, VA.

Both retaining and seating walls will benefit your property in different ways. They serve decorative and functional purposes, such as a focal point in your landscaping. Other ways retaining and seating walls benefit your property include:

  • Seating walls are a great way to offer extra seating to guests and friends without having extra space taken up by patio furniture.
  • Seating walls also often frame a fire pit or patio which provides a nice balance in design.
  • Functional retaining walls can level out a previously sloped area of your yard, giving you more usable space.
  • A retaining wall can help to stop soil from eroding away during storms or heavy rains, which protects not only your yard but also buildings on your property.
  • Decorative retaining walls serve as elevated planter beds, providing a beautifully landscaped area that complements the rest of your outdoor living space.

Materials Used to Construct Seating & Retaining Walls

Our hardscape contractors will use durable materials for retaining and seating walls. Commonly, we use materials that match the rest of your outdoor living space to create a cohesive feel throughout. These materials include:

  • Flagstone: Using flagstone or natural stone makes these walls look like they were always a part of your landscaping.
  • Concrete Blocks: These blocks are highly resilient and do well under all types of weather. They also come in a wide variety of colors, textures, or sizes so we can completely customize your new retaining or seating wall.

Rest assured, our teams will always use the proper equipment to install retaining and seating walls. Each wall will be perfectly level and installed to project specifications.

Hiring a professional landscape company to install retaining and seating walls ensures your property will reap the most benefits from these hardscape elements.

Looking to add retaining walls or a seating wall to your outdoor living space? Contact our office today for a quote.

A backyard landscape in Bristow, VA, full of plants with a retaining wall.

Adding retaining or seating walls provides many benefits for your outdoor living space. If you are considering a new seating wall or retaining wall, then now is the perfect time to get more information about them. We design and construct retaining and seating walls for residential and commercial properties throughout northern Virginia areas such as Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and many more. Contact our office today at (703) 244-7798 to get a quote!