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Outdoor living space in Bristow, VA, with a patio, fireplace, and kitchen.

Hardscape Design & Buildin the Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, & Gainesville, VA Areas

The custom hardscape elements we design and build include retaining walls, patios, custom fire pits, and more and are built from expertly drafted hand-drawn design plans.

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We design and build custom hardscape elements for homes and businesses in Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and other northern Virginia areas.

Using hand-drawn design plans, our experienced team creates durable hardscape elements with aesthetic appeal.

A circular patio in Bristow, VA, with landscaping and outdoor steps.

Our experienced team can handle the design and installation of many different hardscape projects that add value and livable space to your home or business. Our builds are custom tailored to become part of your space, adding functionality and aesthetic appeal.

At Patriot Lawn and Landscape, we craft quality, durable hardscape elements with hand-drawn design plans for customers all across the Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and other northern Virginia areas.

Visual & Functional Reasons for Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls are a great way to add a clear cut boundary between hardscape and softscape elements, creating a neater, more organized visual appeal. Some homeowners use them in sloped areas to create level beds for planting and to protect soil from erosion. Others may use them to add outdoor living space on uneven lawn surfaces.

We design and install retaining walls for a variety of visual and functional reasons:

  • Support and Soil Retention
  • Raising Planter Beds
  • Sink Hole Prevention
  • Sculpted Looks in Unlevel Areas
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Reduces Planting Bed Maintenance
  • Prevent Property Damage (from flooding/extreme weather)

Common Materials Used & Benefits of Seating Walls

We are also a hardscape contractor that designs and builds seating walls, which are commonly constructed using flagstone or concrete pavers. These materials can be built into retaining walls, or free-standing walls, and often serve as an extension of your home’s style and color. There are a number of benefits to adding seating walls to your outdoor areas, including:

  • Reducing clutter - fewer chairs/benches are needed
  • Adding continuity of existing structures - using the same style of stucco or siding found on your home creates an attractive permanent addition to the property
  • Closing in outdoor areas - create clearly visible boundaries between patios and other areas

We Construct Patios & Walkways Using Pavers, Flagstone, & Natural Stone

This is a fine example of a custom walkway we built for a customer in Haymarket.

We have designed and built many beautiful patios and walkways to complement the look and feel of homes and businesses in the Bristow, Haymarket, and Manassas, Virginia area. We consult with you to choose the style, size, and shape you desire. The goal is to add functionality and value to your property.

Our team uses several different materials to complete projects, including:

  • Concrete Pavers - precast in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a neat, geometric look
  • Flagstone & Natural Stone - slabs of cut stone that create an earthy look and can be arranged in interesting designs and shapes

We Build Custom Fire Pits & Fireplaces in Many Shapes & Sizes

A great way to augment your paver patio is with a custom fire pit, which is what this Manassas customer opted to do.

With a custom-built fire pit or fireplace, your family and friends can cozy up to enjoy the fresh air alongside the soothing crackle and pop of burning wood. We design and build custom fire pits and fireplaces to suit your needs. We offer a host of choices, sizes, and shapes and are capable of installing them with matching materials as part of a gorgeous new patio.

Our fire pits and fireplaces are usually constructed with flagstone but we have access to a variety of other choices if needed. The standard width is typically 3 feet, but if you desire a larger build we are happy to accommodate.

Call today for a consultation on designing and building a hardscape element for your residence or business.

At Patriot Lawn and Landscape, we have the experience, tools, and the trained professionals ready to manage all of your hardscape element design and build needs. If you are a resident or business owner located in Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, or other neighboring communities, call today at (703) 244-7798 to begin your consultation.