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Beautiful landscape bed and mulch installation outside a home in Clifton, VA.

Landscaping & Lawn Care in Clifton, VA & Surrounding Areas

We offer lawn care, lawn mowing, tree services, landscaping, and much more to Clifton, VA properties.

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Our lawn care company provides comprehensive services to homes and businesses throughout the Clifton, VA area.

With lawn care, mowing, landscaping, aeration, and more, we perform all the services needed to keep your property looking pristine.

Located in southwestern Fairfax County, Clifton, VA is a small town that was first named Devereux Station when the railroads started to come through during the Civil War. This area has large, sweeping properties with areas made for equestrian use.

At Patriot Lawn and Landscape, we have the equipment and expertise to service homes and businesses with yards of any size. We offer lawn care, landscaping, aeration, lawn mowing, and much more. Learn about the services we provide to keep your property in pristine condition.

Landscaping & Hardscaping Design & Installation Services

Custom outdoor patio and fire pit installation in Clifton, VA.

Throughout the Clifton area, we design and install landscaping and hardscaping projects. Add a new landscape bed with gorgeous plants and trees, along with mulch and rock installation. We'll also maintain that landscaping for you after it's been installed with routine trimming and pruning services.

If you're considering installing hardscaping, our hardscape contractors have years of experience building quality outdoor living spaces. A custom paver patio can increase your property value along with providing extra entertainment space, while a fire pit or outdoor fireplace adds a beautiful focal point to your landscape's design. We can also create retaining walls for both functional and decorative purposes, as well as seating walls that add extra natural seating in your yard. Check out more information about our landscaping and hardscaping services:

We Provide Complete Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance for Your Yard

Freshly mowed residential yard with mowing stripes in Clifton, VA.

Your lawn needs certain services during the year to maintain its health. Without regular fertilization and routine mowing, the grass will suffer and lose strength, making it more susceptible to lawn diseases or insect infestations. Our 9-step lawn care program is applied throughout the year so that your grass will get all the nutrients and support it needs.

We also provide weekly lawn mowing during the growing season so that your grass will not grow too tall. When grass height is uncontrolled, it's harder for it to absorb important nutrients. Learn more about our lawn care program, lawn mowing, and other services:

Our company also offers snow removal services for commercial properties in and near Clifton, VA.

Trust our lawn care and landscaping experts to service your Clifton, VA residential or commercial property!

When it comes to the outside of your residential or commercial property, you want to ensure you've got the best of the best working to maintain its appearance. Our experts are trained in landscaping and lawn care, and our company has been working in the Clifton, VA region for almost a decade. Contact us today at (703) 244-7798 to set up an estimate on any of our services!