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Commercial landscape design near Bristow, VA.

Commercial Landscaping in the Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, & Gainesville, VA Areas

Install new landscaping or renovate your existing beds with our commercial landscaping services.

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Commercial landscaping services provided to businesses in Haymarket, Bristow, and nearby areas of Virginia.

We can install plantings and softscapes as well as hardscaping projects like retaining walls and paver walkways.

Commercial landscape bed installation near Haymarket, VA.

When it comes to commercial landscapes, the team at Patriot Lawn and Landscape knows exactly how important it is to have beautiful planting beds that will impress customers and even potential employees. Caring for the outside of your business is just as important as the inside, but that's where we come in.

We offer commercial landscaping services like plantings and softscapes and can also install retaining walls, paver walkways, and other popular hardscape projects for businesses in Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and surrounding cities of northern Virginia.

We use the highest-quality plants possible for your commercial landscaping beds.

It is vital for your commercial landscape beds to look happy and healthy throughout the year, and that starts with installing plants that are of the highest quality possible. Our landscapers personally choose every single plant that goes into your new or renovated landscape beds, such as:

  • Encore Azalea
  • Knockout Roses
  • Green Velvet Boxwood
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • And more!

We can also refresh the look and feel of your business' landscaping throughout the year by planting cool-season and warm-season annuals in the spring and fall. These boast vibrant colors and full blooms that will add depth to your landscape. Ask us about installing mulch or rock ground cover to protect your plants and soil.

Hardscaping services for commercial properties include retaining walls and paver work.

Custom paver walkway installed on a commercial property in Manassas, VA.

In our area of northern Virginia, there are some sloped commercial properties that may benefit from retaining wall installation. We put in retaining walls for businesses that help to stop soil from eroding or will level out an area that you may need for other uses.

Our hardscape contractors also have many years of experience constructing custom paver projects such as walkways, patios, driveways, and even small commercial parking lots.

Pavers come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes so we can choose ones that match the outside of your business to give it a classic look and feel, or even choose colors that are a part of your brand.

LED outdoor lighting systems add a layer of safety and protection for employees and customers.

If you do not already have an outdoor lighting system at your business, then you should consider adding one, as it adds a layer of protection and additional safety for customers visiting your business as well as your employees.

We use LED lighting for all outdoor lighting installations, as it is an eco-friendly option because it lasts much longer and uses less energy than halogen lighting. If you have an older system and want to upgrade it, we can do that as well.

Need help with your commercial landscape beds? Give our company a call today.

Throughout northern Virginia areas such as Bristow, Haymarket, Manassas, and more, we work with many commercial properties and businesses to help them beautify the outside of their buildings and parking lot areas. If you need help with your landscaping beds, give our company a call today at (703) 244-7798.